Review: Brinno TLC120

The new Brinno TLC120 time-lapse camera makes a great travel accessory. It’s small enough to throw in a pack, it sets up anywhere, and it doesn’t require housing. Not a professional photographer? That’s okay—the Brinno app allows you to connect through your phone for a wide-angle field of view. It also has smart settings so you can select an option and capture those perfect moments without any worries. For pros who want the camera at a specific setting, the app allows you to adjust on the fly. And when you’re finished recording, the camera instantly converts your footage into an HDR video file. The TLC120 also has a F2.0 fixed aspherical lens to capture those starry Yellowstone nights—something your GoPro and smartphone can’t do. The charge lasts 120 days on five-minute intervals, or a day and a half on two-second intervals. $250;