Garmin Virb Elite

While filming footage of a beautiful trout with my iPhone, I quickly learned that reeling in a fighting fish is a two-handed ordeal, not conducive to fumbling with the touchscreen of a smartphone. These days, I’ve put my phone away in favor of the hands-free recording performance of the Virb Elite action camera from Garmin. This mountable, rugged, and water-resistant true-HD camera includes almost everything needed to capture all of my various activities in stunning 1080p/30 or high-speed 720p/60 video (microSD supported up to 64GB, not included). This baby is full of features, including a 16-megapixel CMOS sensor, wide-view lens, and LCD display. It also integrates GPS and WiFi for intelligent recording options and allows ANT+ remote control via compatible Garmin devices. Optional accessories include a bike mount, dive case, and headstrap mount. $400 plus accessories;