ePulse2 Heart Rate Monitor

The ePulse2 is a great improvement over the traditional heart rate monitors that utilize an uncomfortable chest strap and a separate wristwatch. The entire lightweight instrument comfortably fits on your forearm and—because it’s one unit—the signal doesn’t get lost in the middle of your workout. The buttons are simple and easy to operate, even during the most brutal events, giving you info on everything: your maximum, minimum, average, and current heart rate; calories burned; time elapsed; and time splits. The battery life could be an issue, but I had no problems when I utilized the “on demand” mode and kept the unit on the charger when not in use. The forearm position was much less distracting than a wristwatch during my CrossFit workouts, and the info was easy to review during or after a workout. Available at Bob Ward’s. $150; impactsports.com.