Trout Bum Truck Drawers

If you’re like me, you’ve spent as much time in the back of your truck scouring cluttered piles of fishing gear as you have actually casting for trout on the river. And Murphy’s Law clearly states that your dry-fly box will disappear into the jumbled mess at the exact moment the fish start rising.

The way to fend off this frustration, of course, is to get organized—and there’s no better place to start than with a set of Trout Bum truck drawers by Iron Horse Design of Bozeman. Made of Montana-harvested pine and circle-sawn fir, this simple, sturdy, trackless system neatly compartmentalizes all your gear yet still provides quick access. Two spacious, fully carpeted drawers run the entire length of the truck bed, easily accommodating longer items like rod tubes and paddles while protecting fragile gear from damage. Smaller compartments astride the wheel wells hold more compact accoutrements, and a floating main divider allows you to change section sizes and separate gear differently for each outing. Stainless-steel locks on each drawer mean you can stash all your stuff inside permanently, saving precious loading/unloading time—just don’t forget about those wet neoprene waders, lest your truck bed transform into a gigantic Petri dish.

The Trout Bum also works great for storing guns and ammo during hunting season, skis and boots in the winter, or canoe paddles and river gear in the summer. Unlike other truck-bed storage systems, these drawers are built in two separate pieces, so you can easily remove one or both as needed. And true to the name, the two Trout Bum drawers fit neatly together to create a stable, carpeted surface, making your truck the perfect place to sack out after a long day on the river… or a long night at the bar.