We’ve all done it: forgotten our pup’s leash and had to run back home or risk causing trouble, either with an out-of-control dog or an overzealous animal-control officer. And with Bozeman’s leash laws getting ever stricter—and more and more people failing to properly train their dogs—forgetting that leash could prove painfully expensive and inconvenient. One way to avoid this problem is the SuperCollar, a simple yet ingenious device that combines collar and leash into a single, handy unit. Simply turn the knob on the back of the collar and out comes a three-foot retractable lead with two solid steel cables, each with a 100-lb breaking strength. The collar itself is sturdy and secure, with standard buckle and D-ring as well as reflective tape for low-light conditions. The SuperCollar probably isn’t the best way to tie up your dog outside Wild Joe’s, but it’s a great for keeping your dog close while moving from one off-leash area to the next. $40;