Review: Zenbivy Motobed

Backpacking may be about beauty and solitude, but car-camping connotes comfort & convenience—and the Zenbivy Motobed delivers both in spades. Simply unstrap, roll out, blow up, and climb in. It's as easy as that. The one-piece design secures the upper part of the bag to the pad, so you don't slide off, while the legs remain free for turning over, curling up, or whatever else you do during the night to keep comfy. Open the underside zipper for a more blanket-like experience and additional freedom of movement in warm temps. Sprawl out on the extra-wide, dual-layer mattress, which has a plush foam pillowtop for added comfort. The Motobed comes with a pillowcase and pocket for holding your favorite pillow tight in the bag, so it stays in place no matter how much you turn over in the night.

These and other features combine to make the Motobed a downright luxurious bedroll, one that'll make you want to sleep outside every night of the week. The only downside is that all those backpacking trips may get put on the backburner, while you car-camp your way across Montana. And all those friends who don't camp because they can't get a good night's sleep? No more—with the Motobed, they'll rest like Rip Van Winkle.