Review: Yakima SideBar

If you've got a Yakima OverHaul HD or OutPost HD bed rack (and if you don't, consider getting one), the best accessory for it, hands down, is the Yakima SideBar. I went months with my OverHaul and had no idea what I was missing, until I picked up a pair of SideBars and installed them before a hunting trip. What a difference! My storage capacity doubled, as I could now attach important items—recovery tracks, gas & water cans, axe & shovel, and a jack—to the outside, leaving less clutter on the inside. I picked up some T-bolts, too, which gave me extra lashing points for all my loose gear. And the height of the SideBars offered extra security for my unlocked items, while still allowing me to reach in from the sides to access gear and equipment. Throw in the added torsional strength and stability, and one wonders why Yakima doesn't just include the bars with the bed rack in the first place.

Two SideBar options exist, for short and long beds. Each is adjustable, allowing you to rig your rack any way you like. I keep mine long, just shy of the entire bed length, and with my truck's 72-inch bed, I went with the short version—it's just long enough as-is, but will also fit should I decide to reduce the distance between the OverHaul towers. Make sure to measure your own tower configuration before making a selection.

$239 or $269, depending on length;