Review: Tactical Tomahawk

We all have it: an innate attraction to cool new things. Some folks get excited by cars, some by gadgets, some by clothes. What excites me, more than other material objects, are edged weapons—knives, spears, swords, that sort of thing. No, I'm not some sadistic weirdo obsessed with violence and bloodshed; I just like weapons. So when I got my hands on Jason Hanson's new Ultralight Tactical Tomahawk, my pulse quickened. It's sleek, strong, and lightweight, made from a single piece of steel, so no worries about the thing breaking. The curved head offers versatility with cutting and chopping tasks, while the sharpened spear point allows for effective piercing and double-sided throwing. A paracord handle-wrap improves the grip, and can be removed in survival situations. This jet-black tomahawk may not be the flashiest fighting axe out there, but it's light enough to stash in a backpack to improve the camping experience, or in a bug-out bag for emergency situations. In short, it'll get the job done—and at $49, the price is right. Available online at