Review: SealLine WideMouth Duffel

Ever notice how the item you want always seems to be at the bottom of the dry bag, so you have to pull everything out, then stuff everything back in again? If you're sick of this inordinate susceptibility to Murphy's Law, pick up a WideMouth Duffel from SealLine. It's got the same waterproofness and portability of a traditional, tubular bag, yet it sits flat and has an expansive opening for easy packing and quick perusal of the bag's contents. The rugged vinyl construction means it'll take all the abuse you can dish out, and four burly D-rings allow it to be securely strapped down-another advantage over the tubular style and its single tie-down loop. Throw in top compression straps and adjustable carry handles, and you've got an unbeatable river bag for your drift boat or canoe. Available at Northern Lights, Barrel, Gallatin Alpine Sports, Grizzly Outfitters, Round House, Schnee's, and Timber Trails. $70.