Review: RockyMounts Splitrail

In Bozeman, it’s an unfortunate reality that to ride mountain trails, you’re going to have to haul some bikes. Luckily, there’s the Splitrail from RockyMounts. This hitch-mounted rack carries up to two bikes on a 1.25-inch receiver, and if you have a 2-inch receiver, you can carry three or four with additional add-ons. The Splitrail features a broad platform that supports heavier full-suspension bikes, keeping your rigs secure over even the roughest roads; bouncing up to Fairy Lake to ride Shafthouse won’t be an issue. The platforms are easily adjustable, shifting horizontally so handlebars won’t interfere with seats. Installation is easy—I hooked mine up at night during a snowstorm using a headlamp—and removal is tool-free. You’ll continue to have full access to your cargo as the rack folds down, even fully loaded. The handle that allows the rack to shift into stow, load, and tilt positions can stick—unweight the rack to relieve pressure and you should be good to go. $500;