Review: Redington Sonic-Pro Wader

Getting into the Redington Sonic-Pro Wader with the bulky clothing I was wearing for cold-weather fishing was a breeze, plus the zipper made it easy to prevent my polar fleece pants from bunching up around my knees. The rock guards are attached just above the ankle and also have a clip to help keep them down. As much as I like to disconnect with the day-to-day world when I fish, I do like to keep my cell phone with me (it doubles as my digital camera) and the inside waterproof pocket kept it out of the way and safe but accessible. The front has four zipped pockets—two for storage and two with microfleece lining to warm your hands. Moving in the waders was easy, but their strength and thickness gave me confidence that walking through brush along the river wouldn’t tear them easily. $349;