Review: Plano Bow Case

From the rigors of air travel to the abuse from constant loading and unloading, a well-tuned weapon needs protection, lest it fail at the moment of truth, ruining weeks or even months of preparation. This is where a hard case comes in, and the durable, impact-resistant, waterproof All-Weather 2 Ultimate Double Bow Case is a portable vault for your compound bow—or bows, as the case may be. That's right, the extra-deep case will hold not one, but two arrow-slingers, plus the arrows themselves and any other accoutrements needed for the hunt. I wouldn't throw this thing out of the truck just for shits and grins, but if some careless baggage-handler does, no need to worry. The case combine a stout plastic shell with thick high-density foam to keep your precious safe and sound. You can even leave it out in a thundershower or dust-storm without fear of compromise. Pre-perforated foam, a pressure-release valve for airline travel, and lockable latches round out the virtues of this top-notch bow case. $250;