Review: Pecos Outdoor Camp Table

How many times have you set up a portable picnic table near your barbecue grill or in your campsite and found out it was rickety, unstable, and about to blow over in the Montana wind? Nothing is worse than having a delicious meal and drink hit the ground. After testing the Pecos Outdoor Camp Table, I can assure you it is a rock-solid addition to your outdoor gear list. It will stand its ground in 60mph wind.

The foundation of the 25-pound table is four heavy-duty, 1.75-inch, aircraft-grade aluminum legs that will hold up to 3,500 pounds. That's the weight of a bull bison, not a load of bull. Inserting the legs into the mounts takes just a few seconds. Each leg features an orbital foot that allows you to easily adjust the level, providing a comfortable work surface at 34-35.5 inches. When you're done, the legs slide and snap into slots under the table for rattle-free storage. Just pick it up by the built-in handle and throw it in your truck or camper.

Available online; $689.