Review: Orvis Sling Pack Fully Loaded

fishing pack, fly fishing, sling pack

Start looking and feeling like a pro with the new Sling Pack from Orvis. This pack is thoughtfully designed with efficiency in mind to create a seamless fishing experience. I can easily store everything I need for a long day fishing in its two-compartment layout with 11 liters of capacity.

For someone new to fishing or the seasoned angler looking to restock on essentials, there is the option for the pack to come "fully loaded" with everything from tools, tippet, weights and flies. I went this route and the pack feels like a real-life Dr. Seuss book with its nippers and zingers and tippet whippet—so much stuff I can hardly believe it. Some other features I enjoy are the zinger pass through and the front strap docking station for tools and flies. I can swing it around in front to access the pockets and tippet then quickly throw it all behind my back to free up my arm for casting. Now, the only problem is I don't have any excuses for not catching fish... Available at the Tackle Shop and Dan Bailey's; $275.