Review: NEMO Hornet OSMO Tent

One-person tents strike a fine balance between weight and function. Most of the time, if I’m taking a one-man tent on an adventure, it’s because I’m going ultralight and need protection from rain, snow, and wind. Comfort is secondary—a luxury, but not a necessity. Finally, though, there’s a tent that provides both. NEMO has designed the Hornet OSMO 1-Person Ultralight Backpacking Tent to offer both protection and comfort, all in a 26-ounce package that doesn’t sacrifice on strength.

Like most backpacking tents, the Hornet is a free-standing structure. But unlike most tents, it creatively uses guy-outs to maximize volume at the base of the tent, giving it a whopping 20.6 square-feet of floor area. NEMO also thought about head space, and built in a spreadable pole-clip at the peak of the tent, which gives the tent a few more inches of room on either side. Finally, large vestibules provide plenty of room to store a pack, muddy boots, gaiters, or a rifle, totally out of the elements.

While design is important, the real test of a tent is how it holds up to the elements. And if there’s one enemy to a tent, it’s wind. On the same token, though, if there’s one thing for certain on spring backpacking trips, it’s wind. And wind we had plenty of on a recent antler-hunting excursion. With gusts topping 40, the breeze was strong enough to blow away just about anything that wasn’t securely tied down. Despite the gusts, the Hornet didn’t even budge. With four corners and the vestibule staked down, this tent wasn’t going anywhere. It didn’t even come close to pancaking in the wind, which is a problem common to most free-standing tents. Additionally, it was quiet. There was no rhythmic flapping—the kind that can keep a guy up all night, which was a pleasant, comfortable surprise. Finally, dustings of snow or heavy rain are no match for the tent. As sure as the spring winds will blow, you’ll stay dry in the Hornet.

Overall, the Hornet is well designed, and provides plenty of space for someone tall (I’m 6’2”) to stretch out at night. On top of that, you can sleep comfortably knowing the tent is made from NEMO’s OSMO fabric, which is made from 100% recycled polyester and nylon, and contains no toxic PFAS chemicals. With a commitment to sustainability and a reputation for bomb-proof gear, Nemo has set the bar high for lightweight, one-person backpacking tents. $400;