Review: MT Hunting Access App

It’s happened to me a couple times: I do all the planning for a morning hunt on the dining room table and, when I head out, I leave my BMA maps behind. Now I’m stuck searching for a block management area to hunt and I'm unable to locate the sign-in box. Luckily, this scenario has happened to other hunters who are a lot smarter than me, so they developed an app called the Montana Hunting Access App. This great app features all the BMAs in Montana by region and type. With your cellphone you can find the area you are searching for, download the rules/regulations page, the area map, and get directions to the sign-in boxes. All the information is located on your phone, so even if you are out of cellphone coverage the info is still right at your fingertips. Plus the boundaries are provided so you’ll know exactly where you are using your phone's GPS. The best part: it’s only $10 for the year. Visit for more information.