Review: Maven B.4

A maven is someone who is trusted or has experience, an expert. That’s why I choose Maven and their B.4 binoculars for my long-range optics. I opted for the 10x56, a great balance between high-powered magnification and low-light viewing. These binoculars have proven highly beneficial in the early morning light, scanning the horizon for game. The view is crisp, adjusting the focus is smooth, and the center hinge is tight but easy to adjust. The only downside to these binoculars is their size; they’re just too big to carry in on a hunt. But they’re great for carrying in a vehicle or boat, or on top of a horse. Maven keeps their prices down by only offering their products online, but you can customize your binoculars with special colors, body armor, or engravings. $1,300 (base price);