Review: GSI Knives

If you've booked a ski trip to a Forest Service cabin this winter, odds are you're planning to eat well. If you're not a chef, you can now pretend to be, with the GSI Outdoors Santoku Knife Set. This seven-piece set comes in a durable, zipped organizing case. The case conveniently secures a 6” serrated knife, 6” Santoku chef’s knife, 4” paring knife, soap-dispensing bottle, cleaning cloth, and a folding cutting board. I found that the case has additional space allowing you to pack extra items as needed.

Each knife has a stainless steel blade and sturdy, comfortable rubber handgrip. Their protective sheaths keep the blades sharp, and provide both safe storage and transport. I compared each GSI Outdoors knife to my own arsenal of kitchen knives and was pleasantly surprised by the quality, sharpness, and cutting capabilities of this outdoor knife set.

The set includes a folding two-sided plastic cutting board, which unfolds into a 9”x 12.6” prep surface. When done preparing your meal, you can use the quick-drying, dual-sided microfiber cloth to clean up. One side of the cloth is textured for scrubbing, the other side soft for more delicate surfaces.

Gone are the days of using one universal pocketknife for all camping situations. From now on I’ll be upping my outdoor-cooking game thanks to the convenience and quality of the Santoku Knife Set, a nice addition to any camping-gear collection.