Review: Crazy Creek Crazy Crib LEX w/ Tarp

In the world of backpacking, the lightweight revolution is well underway—who wouldn’t want to go farther, faster, and with less back and shoulder pain? A great way to skim weight without sacrificing comfort is to replace your heavy, bulky tent with a Crazy Crib LEX from Crazy Creek. Basically a burly nylon hammock, the LEX weighs in at a mere four pounds—and that includes a bomber tarp, Easton aluminum poles, and a mosquito-netting canopy for protection from those nasty late-August ticks and skeeters. And don’t assume you’re banana-bound like in a normal hammock; the LEX strings taut between trees for comfortable sleeping in any position. A nylon sleeve allows you to insert a sleeping pad for additional comfort and insulation from the cool night air. The LEX’s ripstop nylon tarp comes with sturdy guy lines and stakes for stable coverage in any weather. Setup is quick and easy. I’ve taken my Crib to the Anaconda Mountains in May, Yellowstone in June, and all over the Gallatin Range from July well into September, and never once missed my tent—or its additional ounces. With the Crazy Crib LEX, the only thing lacking is sidewalls; but a low-strung tarp on those windy nights and late-season camping trips does the trick just fine. $199 with tarp;