Review: Backcountry Medical Supplies

In the words of Benjamin Franklin, "By failing to prepare, you're preparing to fail."

Most recreationists can attest that poor preparation in the backcountry can be a real day-buster. Be it equipment malfunction, blisters, or injury of any degree, it pays to have the right gear when things go awry. And through some pre-made first-aid or repair kits are helpful, they often don't have half the stuff you actually end up using. So, many folks are faced with either being ill-prepared or having to make their own kits—a time-consuming endeavor. Until now, that is.

Backcountry Medical Supplies (BMS) is a Bozeman company that makes activity-specific first-aid and repair kits. Designed and curated by backcountry skiers, anglers, hikers, and medical professionals, they're made by outdoor people for outdoor people. BMS makes two different kinds: a winter backcountry kit and an angling kit. Both are small enough for a daypack but still contain everything you need. Each kit is durable and comprised of high-end products, ensuring longevity and dependability. If you spend your time backcountry skiing or angling and don't have time to put together your own first-aid and repair kit, a pre-made kit from BMS is definitely worth thinking about. 

Available online; $50-$80.