Review: Attack 1 Western Fly Rod

Here’s an idea: instead of carrying several different rods in your (requisite) rooftop rod-holder, maybe just have one rod with different tips? That way, you have an extra tip if you break one, and you also have multiple tips for different conditions. Smart, eh?

I wish I could claim this idea, but it belongs to Warstic, which may very well be onto something big. The company's 9-foot, 5-weight Attack 1 Western Fly Rod, a sleek, lightweight four-piece with a medium-fast action, comes standard with an extra “power-loaded wartip” that offers increased stiffness, for more power on windy or fast-water days.

As if that wasn't enough, the Attack 1 is a solid rod at a reasonable price. And the extra tip—well, that tips the scales. Nice work, Warstic.