Pale Ale Gourmet Biscuits

It’s hard to beat a cold beer after a long day in the field. And although your loyal hunting partner might not share your passion for ice-cold microbrews, he’ll definitely appreciate a pile of Brewies Pate Ale Gourmet Biscuits to chomp on as you’re bellying up to the bar. These clever treats are made right here in Bozeman with real malted barley, and they even come in a 16-ounce cup so you know your dog’s getting the full pint he deserves. All natural and 100% organic, with eggs, flax, and pooch-pleasing peanut butter, Brewies made a yummy and filling snack for all the dogs in the O/B office. The ultimate test? We tossed one to our new intern and told him it was a new organic treat—and he actually ate it. If it’s good enough for interns, what dog would complain? Available at Dee-O-Gee, Bozeman Angler, and the Co-op. $8;