With no weight restrictions, car-camping should involve some creature comforts—and no sleep pad I’ve used is as comfortable as the ThermaRest DreamTime. The company calls it a “mattress system,” and that’s not just marketing gobbledygook: in addition to a super-thick, self-inflating pad, there’s another layer of Isotonic memory foam (reminiscent of a fancy pillow-top mattress); this luxurious combo is encased by a full-length cover that’s soft as puppy fur on top, yet burly and slick underneath to slough off pine needles and other debris. The cover also has attached compression straps so you can roll the pad up in a jiffy. Make no mistake, this thing’s a beast—rolled up, it’s about the size of those huge rectangular sleeping bags you used as a kid—but it’s worth every square centimeter of space in your vehicle, trailer, or guest room. $190 or $210, depending on size; cascadedesigns.com.