Doubling Down on the New Black Jack

What’s the next new product at Mystery Ranch? “We’re bringing out a ski pack that has an avalanche buoyancy system built into it,” Dana says. When activated, the Blackjack deploys a 150-liter inflatable airbag designed to keep the skier’s head and body above the slide. “The Euros have been doing it for a while, but we’re looking to improve in the design–we want to make them available, affordable, and rechargeable as well.” Similar bags currently average around $1,000 and Dana hopes to bring that price down considerably. “Another feature we’re working on is making the airbag removable,” explains sales rep Ben Nobel. “When you don’t need avalanche protection, you can still have a fully usable pack.” If design, production, and testing go according to plan, Mystery Ranch hopes to have the packs available before the end of the winter season.