Review: VOORMI NXT Pullover

The latest gear company to set up shop in Bozeman, VOORMI has come out swinging with a swanky new shop downtown and a suite of premium garments for the upscale outdoor crowd. But make no mistake: this outfit's as earthy as anyone, with excellent apparel that fits well and performs in all conditions.

Take the Access NXT Pullover, a  wool-based overshirt that comes in three different concealment patterns – not your conventional camouflage, but definitely designed to blend in. I chose Harvest, a cool design that resembles the prairie grasses I hide in when chasing antelope and mule deer in eastern Montana. Like all good camo, it's versatile, working equally well in a reedy duck blind on the Gallatin or a golden hayfield near Norris. In addition to being non-reflective and odor-resistant, this comfy, quiet shirt has top-notch thermal regulation, serving as a sufficient outer layer in warmer conditions and a cozy mid-layer when the temps plummet. It's also water-repellent, so no need to fret when it starts to sprinkle during a stalk – just zip up the neck and keep on creepin'.

For you non-hunters, the Access NXT comes in solid colors, too, making it a great choice for everything from climbing to cross-country skiing. $200;