Review: Oboz Wind River III

I've spent years trying to find the ideal boot for my hunting, backpacking, and outdoor-travel needs, but haven't quite found what I was looking for. That’s probably because I never thought to try the Oboz Wind River III, made of all places, right here in Bozeman. What a mistake. Suffice to say, it was love at first step. 

For the rugged explorer looking for a faithful foot companion, the Wind River III is for you. Not only are this a high-ankle, supportive boot, but it also has incredible soles with 4.5mm directional lugs that grip even the slipperiest of surfaces and allow for extreme off-trail exploration. To top it all off, they are completely waterproofed with Oboz’s classic B-DRY system. What more could one ask for? Well, an ultra-protective toecap, and an O Fit Insole might be nice. Coincidentally, the Wind River III has both.

To test these boots out, I took them out on the foothills trail, right outside of town. As I climbed, I couldn’t help but think of hunting season, barely containing my excitement. I can't wait to use these all-terrain burly hiking boots in search of my next prize. Designed to protect the feet from all elements, they made me, or at least my feet, feel bomb-proof. A few miles in, after trekking through melting snow, mud, and deadfall, I found, to my extreme satisfaction, that my feet were perfectly dry, comfortable, and blister-free. It sealed the deal.

Finally, I had found it. The perfect boot.