Review: Chaco Z1 Sandal

The Chaco Z1 Customizable Sandals are hands down the most versatile summer sandals I've ever had. Their thick, grippy outsoles make them great for long walks and river play, as they keep rocks from digging into the bottoms of my feet and provide traction on slippery rocks while wet wading. The mesh webbing straps dry quickly and are adjustable, making it easy to tighten the sandals down quickly for a hike, or loosen them to layer with socks on a cool, summer evening. In terms of looks, you can custom design the shoe, from the main strap, buckle, and stitching, to even adding custom embroidery. Talk about creative freedom, eh?

As someone with high arches, I've always had a hard time finding sandals that provide proper support without being too stiff. Chaco's contoured footbed is designed to support arches of most sizes arches, while also being flexible enough to maneuver over rocks and bend with your feet. Whether I'm rafting, hiking, camping, or strolling around downtown, these sandals will be a staple companion. And better yet, how 'bout them tan lines? Available at; $130.