Arborwear Campbell Hill Jacket

The down puffy coat—that ubiquitous anorak beloved by outdoor enthusiasts everywhere—has always suffered two major flaws: one, at any temperature above freezing, it’s pretty much a dry-sauna for your torso; and two, the flimsy nylon skin opens up with the slightest of scratches, spewing feathers into the air like a B-movie pillow-fight. Luckily, a newer, thinner, tougher, more thermally efficient puffy has emerged, and Arborwear’s version—the Campbell Hill Jacket—is a solid choice. The abrasion-resistant outer is coated in Teflon to repel moisture, and the 60 grams of Primaloft keep you comfy in a surprising range of temperatures—wear it as you walk to work in the morning, and you may discover at lunchtime that you never got around to taking it off. The Campbell Hill is extremely light and stuffs into its own pocket for stashing in a pack or messenger bag. And it comes in warm, muted colors, so you won’t look like every other neon-bedecked skier or climber out there. $160;