Fall 2012 Contests

Best Farmer Tan

This summer was a scorcher—and the abundance of Farmer Tan entries proved it. Burned backs, blistering feet, and toasted tummies all made the O/B staff cringe, while promptly reminding us to pack sunscreen on our next adventure. Steven Drake takes the cake in this year’s contest, majestically displaying his tender crimson flesh against an elegant, natural background. Steven’s “X” marked the spot (caused by his binocular harness while scouting elk), earning him his pick of gear or gift cards from the O/B Treasure Chest. Runners-up include Ben Moore’s crispy chest and Anders Larson’s red rump. 

A special shout to Michael Jackson (shamone!) whose bubbling, blistering feet made the staff repeatedly gag. Any brave souls can view Michael’s tootsies and all the other entries on outsidebozeman.com/contests.


Photo Contest

Every year, the O/B crew excitedly gathers around the computer to sift through the massive pile of images that showcase everything our area has to offer—and the 5th annual Outside Bozeman Photo Contest did not disappoint. From wildlife to lifestyle, landscapes to action, local Montanan photographers captured the essence of why we live here. From gorgeous mountain views to perfect powder days, we saw it all. Flip to pages [54-61] to view this year’s top shots, and don’t forget to swing by Sola Café in December and January to see mounted prints. Plus, all the winners are showcased on outsidebozeman.com and are invited to our (in)famous awards party: an evening filled with outdoor gear and gift cards, food, drink, and of course the fun-lovin’ O/B staff.


Top Dog

Listen up, bitches! (Easy, tiger; we’re talking to the dogs.) Bozeman was recently named the second most dog-friendly city in the nation by Dog Fancy Magazine—so it’s time for you to strut your stuff. Tell your master to schedule a photo shoot on your next outing—swimming, hiking, paddling, hunting, camping, whatever—so you can finally get the respect you deserve as Bozeman’s Top Dog. And here’s something that’ll get you droolin’: this year’s winner receives a $250 prize package from Dee-O-Gee, while runners-up get to sniff around the store for treats. Just imagine how it will feel lying on your plush bed, recently crowned, watching your owner get his own damn paper. The deadline’s November 2, so don’t sit—fetch those photos! Visit outsidebozeman.com for more details.


Hit List Contest

If you’ve been checking off tasks on this year’s Hit List, we’re sure you had a great summer working your way toward a chunk of $5,000 in prizes. If not, don’t feel bad—you can still get in on the action: the contest deadline is October 5. Plus, you don’t have to complete every activity to score one of five North Face camping packages from Bob Ward’s. Not only are prizes awarded to Most Points and Most Items Completed, but you can also win by submitting the Top Photo, telling the Best Story, or completing the Best Wildcard. So get outside and fish, bike, camp, run, hike, and paddle your way to the top! Check out the full list on outsidebozeman.com.