Dynafit Freeride 10.0 Carbon and Black Diamond Havoc

Superlight would be the best way to describe the Dynafit Freeride 10.0 Carbon. At just over six pounds a pair, the 178 cm version has a nice 118-88-110 profile and will both hold a hard edge and float your boat when it’s one of those 24-inch, three percent days at Bridger Bowl and in the neighboring backcountry. Now match the Freeride with a Dynafit TLT Comfort binding with brake ($389; 1 lb 11 oz per pair) and you’ll have a ski/binding combo that weighs less than most skis. This can easily be appreciated when you’re looking at a 2,500-foot climb to start your downhill rip.

Another solid offering comes in the Black Diamond Havoc. This ski offers a knockout punch to whatever form of snow attempts to block its path. Except for a face-lift, this ski has remained unchanged for this season. That’s a good thing, because the Havoc is definitely a do-all ski that will go anywhere you boldly dare it to go. At 8 lbs 30 oz in the 183-cm size and sporting a 122-88-114 hourglass figure, there’s no chatter felt under a Havoc. It will be a popular choice this season and will continue to deliver many a great backcountry day.

Mike Garcia owns Northern Lights Trading Company in Bozeman.