Digital Edition

You wanted it, you got it—a few issues ago, we caved to readers’ clamoring and began publishing a digital edition. Here are the articles that got the most attention at last issue:

Top Dogs. We now have even more documented proof that Bozeman is a dog town; digital-edition readers spent more time on these pages than anywhere else in the magazine. Maybe we should just stop writing about people and focus on the dogs.

Red Lodge Events and Directory. Looks like a few of you were looking for a road trip, no? We found plenty of reasons to head out to Red Lodge, one of our favorite winter-getaway towns.

The Bull and Beer Market. We decided the world needed a refresher course on beer-repayment etiquette. Now you know how you can thank us.

Fear and Ice Boating on Canyon Ferry. Managing editor Dave Reuss likes sticking his neck out, but when he found himself careening across Canyon Ferry on an ice boat… well, let’s just say that a few things weren’t sticking out so much.

Fathers, Sons, and Powder Days. Like the Pampers commercial says, having a baby changes everything—including how many ski days you can get in if you’re a new dad. Nicholas Savage tells how he adapted.

A Good Long Soak. Dr. Holcomb Johnson explains why the heat and minerals in the area’s hot springs mean that being a human teabag isn’t so bad, even though your friends will never stop snickering if you call yourself “a human teabag.”

Where Have All the Real Men Gone? No—really. We’d like to know. And so would author Jenna Martin.