Skunk's Revenge
by Phil Knight

Skunk’s revenge lives on
Long after he’s gone
The lingering stink
Is the pen and ink
That tells the tale
Of a black-and-white tail
Raised in defiance
Of technology and science
Every human that passes
Gets a whiff of those gasses
So potent and foul
Like an olfactory howl
Long live the skunk!
His odiferous funk
Rises from the grave
Of this planet we pave.

Subtle Beats

Montana Pasture
by H.G. Moser

The sounds of the animals blending
with the sound of the wind in the trees
and the soft flow of the ditch... blending

Old Horse
by H.G. Moser

An old guy told me that when someone was
kind to him it was like being an old horse in
a field in winter when a ranch hand comes out
from the barn to put a warm blanket over him.