There Once Was Sky

there once was a cowboy named Stu
who traded his horse (as you do)
when the big sky was tamed
he couldn’t be blamed
for riding a red Subaru 

there once was a rancher named Ben
who divided his spread into ten
as the masses built dreams
where sheep once crossed streams
he said, “this is now, that was then”

there once was a main street of dirt
where cowgirls (roping) would flirt
it has long since been paved
with visitors who’ve saved
for a drive and a view and a shirt 

there once was a town in the west
that clearly thought it was best
to sprawl and not brawl
erecting boxes of wall
such is Denver, now quite stressed 

there once was a vision of sky
with places to ski or dry fly
you may still hike our hills
snapping magnificent stills
howdy from Bozeman! (do drop by)