Gallatin Drift

Gallatin Drift, Copper City

Milky snowfields
Continental snowfields
Simmering summer.
Late snow
Calving mountains to prairie. Mountains of time.
Carving canyons. Moving limestone.
Foothill silt.
Silt carried beyond mountains to grow foothill bunchgrass,
Commensal existence, stone to plant.

Sun, hot. Winter long gone.
... A wolf howls for fun.

Water flushes life out of the Bridger Range.
Earthen inertia shouting for freedom,
Water escaping.
Hear the flow.
Limestone dusts the late sunlight.

Earth drifting, water and wind taking it down to the Valley
To be caught by the green grass of time, endless pools of grass and time, subdivided.
Sea dust seeking repose, finding it nowhere.

From the ancient Indian settlement on the foothills
The meltdown can be felt best.
Sundering geology, melted snow cleaving earth…
Subsumed by time and
the quiet thrum of entropic summer.

A good day for evolution.