Cloudveil - Jackson, Wyoming

Cloudveil—Jackson, WY
Cody Bowl Glove $75

Warmth and superior dexterity come together in the Cody Bowl Glove, Cloudveil’s mid-range winter handwear. With an integrated fleece lining and elastic wrist ring, the Cody Bowl is a simple, self-contained ski glove that goes on and off quickly. No pulling straps or fumbling for drawstrings—just slip it on and go. A tacky palm material and stretch fabric on the back allow for unencumbered gripping, even in super-cold temperatures. The durable outer material resists water and also stretches for enhanced dexterity; you’ll be surprised how many zippers and snaps you can use with the gloves still on. A soft suede patch on the thumb and outer palm makes a comfortable nosewipe. Inside the glove, 200 grams of Primaloft insulate you against the elements—enough for most Montana powder days. In sub-zero temps, slip on a pair of silk liners and you’ll be set. And yes, attentive Outside Bozeman readers, we’ve reviewed the Cody Bowl Glove before. What can we say, we like it.