Kodiak FDT Knife - $40

Few things are more important in a sportsman’s pack than a good sharp knife—most hunters I know carry two or three. Browning has eliminated the need to carry more than one cutting tool with their Kodiak FDT knife. In the Browning tradition of acronyms, FDT stands for field dressing tool, and this couldn’t be a more accurate moniker. The knife comes with a ballistic cloth sheath and is the only tool you’ll need to complete your field dressing chores this fall. The FDT is available with different blade options; the one I use features a drop-point knife blade, a saw, and a hide-cutter with gut hook. I personally used this knife to completely field dress and skin a black bear I took last fall—I completed the whole job without once sharpening or even touching up my knife. I now have a drawer full of knives collecting dust in the garage.

The blades on the FDT are made of AUS-8A stainless steel and are secured by a titanium locking liner when in the open position. The knife also has checkered rubber inlays on impact-resistant zytel handles. The main blades feature a one-hand open and close action that comes in handy when using your other hand in your field dressing chores. The FDT is available in black or Mossy Oak Camo. You can check out this knife and find Browning dealers at their website.