Big Zip SL

I've historically shunned the backpack-style water bladder; however, since losing-or should I say, "donating" my second SIGG water bottle in as many months-I have given up on the Swedish supercanteen in favor of strapping on one of Platypus's new hydration systems. During my test-run up Hyalite, the Platypus Big Zip SL impressed me a number of times. Depending on the model (1.8L, 2.0L, and 3.0L), the Big Zip holds up to three times as much liquid as any of my previous water bottles. Not only that, I didn't have to take off my pack every time I was thirsty; I didn't even have to stop moving! Granted, it may still taste like you're drinking from a plastic bag for the first half-dozen uses, but the convenience of its SlideLock closure makes it easy to clean, empty, and refill-minimizing maintenance time and getting you outside faster and more hands-free. Available at Northern Lights, Barrel, Gallatin Alpine Sports, Grizzly Outfitters, Round House, Schnee's, and Timber Trails. $30;