Almost as Cool Online

Paper has its advantages: it doesn’t need a battery, you can grow more of it, and it gives glue a reason to live. But if you just can’t get your hands on our print edition, there’s always the digital one. Here are a few things from the spring digital issue that you liked:

1. Top Shoulder-Season Excursions. You never know what sort of tragic condition your favorite trails and hideaway spots are in during mud season. Don’t worry; we have you covered.

2. Please, Leave a Trace. We love a little controversy here at Outside Bozeman, and so does author Paul Sveum, who puts a dent in bumper-sticker sermons.

3. Chasing the Golden Beast. There’s a reason God spells crap and carp with the same letters, but expert fisherman Kris Kumlien has found a glorious side of the crappy carp. 

4. Home-Schooled by Mother Nature. Melynda Harrison and students at Mount Ellis Academy tell why they like this school dedicated to the outdoors. 

5. Winged Migration. Nothing exacerbates a hangover like screeching birds at 5am. Greg Smith tells us which of the little bastards shows up first when winter is over.

6. Three Dog Night. On her latest Yellowstone Institute class, designer Angie Mangels tracked wolves but got outfoxed by foxes. Sucker.

7. Natural Connection. If you live here and haven’t taught your kids how to love the outdoors more than “screen time,” something is wrong with you. Melynda Harrison has some guidance.