Bozeman-Area Hunting

Bozone hunting basics.

Long known as a sportsman’s paradise, Bozeman is a great place to hone your hunting skills or learn this ancient art. Here's what you need to know.

Montana has game for everyone. Upland bird (grouse, partridge, turkey) season starts early in the fall, followed closely by big-game archery season (elk and deer are the most popular game animals). You can hunt several other species during this period; however, remember that moose, sheep, goat, and antelope all require special permits and applications due in the spring. General rifle season begins late October and runs through late November. Toss in pheasant and black bear and the stage is set for a very busy autumn. If you're struggling to find a place to put your bounty, the aforementioned critters make for tasty jerky. 

Hunting Areas
The Gallatin National Forest and the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area are great hunting areas. Each section is divided up into several sections that have their own unique regulations and rules. Always ask first to hunt or fish on private land, never assume that the land you plan on hunting is open, and always carry the proper tags and licenses for regions you plan to hunt.

Though the most popular means of taking game are shotgun, bow, and rifle, Gallatin County has a large no-rifle zone. This area is limited to shotgun, handgun, archery, muzzleloaders, and crossbows, and has an extended season. Make sure you know the weapons restrictions for each area you plan to hunt.

Follow the Rules
As always, remember that as a hunter you represent a larger community and your actions on and off the field have ramifications for us all. Much of the land that was previously open to hunters is now closed due the ignorance and careless acts of others. Always know the rules. Call the Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 3 office at 994-4042 or visit for more info and exact season dates.