Wood's Wisdom

Tips from a champ.

Former World Championship silver-medalist Bill Wood teaches long-range shooting techniques at Granite Creek Range near Virginia City. Here are Bill’s top tips for shooting well—both at the range and in the field.

1. Be comfortable with your equipment. If you don't enjoy shooting your rifle, you probably won’t shoot it well. For heavier calibers (7mm Rem. Mag and up), install a muzzle break to reduce recoil.
2. Practice trigger control. The most important part of executing the shot is getting that clean break of the trigger. Develop muscle memory by dry-firing, so you won’t have to think about it when a high-pressure situation arises.
3. Focus on position and follow-through. Utilize terrain and equipment to get a rock-solid position. This allows you to keep your cheek on the stock and see where your bullet impacts.
4. Train how you hunt. Practice different shooting positions, using the equipment you take hunting—shooting sticks, a bipod, your knee. My favorite: squeeze the pack between your legs to use as a platform in the sitting position.
5. Practice, practice, practice. There is no substitute for rounds downrange. The only way to understand how your rifle performs at distance and in the wind is to put in the time before hunting season begins.