Elite Archery Spirit Bow

 While the shrink-it-and-pink-it philosophy still exists with women’s bows, there are finally women-specific models that are just as badass as the men’s. I outgrew my beginner bow this year, and tested out the Spirit—the first women’s bow from Elite Archery. The bow is superbly balanced, with a solid backwall and a let-off that allows me to hold the pin until my eyes cross. The draw cycle and stability is amazing, especially for a bow with a shorter draw. Parallel limb design eliminates almost all vibration and noise, and Elite’s riser design adds strength, stability, and durability. The bow can be modified for 24-28 inch draws, with a 30-60 pound draw weight. The grip is smaller and the bow can be customized with pink/purple strings for that pretty touch. The Spirit has a smooth Cerakote finish and comes in RealTree patterns. For female archers wanting to keep up with the big boys, this is the bow to do it. $899; elitearchery.com.