Top Ten Weirdest Outdoor Gear

At O/B, we love gear. Fishing, camping, biking, running—you name it, we’ll use it. But sometimes, outdoor companies get a little too “outside the box” and create something that leaves us wondering, “What in the hell were they thinking?” Here’s a list of ten weird outdoor gadgets for your daily dose of WTFs.


Thunder HornThunder Horn – $12.00

Do you hate pedestrians? When a bike bell just won’t do, politely scream, “Get out of the way!” with a 115-decibel horn. Giving the finger is just so blasé. Rupture their eardrums instead.




JakPak – $149.99

Sometimes you can get carried away when packing for a camping trip. But limiting your load with a 3-in-1 jacket, tent, and sleeping bag is going too far in the other direction. Sure, it’s waterproof and lightweight, but it's basically an outdoor version of the Snuggie—no thanks.


Bumper DumperBumper Dumper – $69.95

No longer will you have to ask the question, “Hmm… where do I go?” This no-fluff (pun-intended) toilet mounts to the hitch of your truck for a nice, public pooping experience. Simply attach a five-gallon bucket (trash bag liner is recommended) and you’re good to go. Literally. For an even more entertaining (and scenic) "dump", attach a smaller bucket and take your friend for a throne ride.

Arm Sleeves

Arm Sleeves – $35.00

This is one fad we’ve never understood. Sometimes when wearing a tank top, one gets chilly; arm sleeves keep runners warm on those brisk days! Now why didn’t someone think of this ingenious idea sooner? Oh wait, there's something that already does that: a long-sleeve shirt.



Fish 'n Chum

Fish-n-Chum Knee Jerk Hook Set – $14.99

Finally, a hands-free way to fish! The Knee Jerk Hook Set is “engineered to fit virtually any type of leg” (thank God) and is a handy alternative to actually holding the rod. When you feel a bite, give your knee a little snap up and reel ‘er in. If you choose to use this for deep-sea fishing, we recommend a seatbelt. Click it or die.

Campfire in a Can

Campfire in a Can – $279.99

When you can’t find sticks in the forest or you forgot your lighter fluid, simply whip out your portable campfire. This “lightweight” (14.6 lbs) propane fire-maker is easier, cleaner, and way more expensive than a real campfire. Roast marshmallows in the woods, your backyard, or your living room (seriously; see photo). Plus, it includes a “realistic one-piece log set for an authentic wood burning campfire appearance” so you can’t go wrong. Help your kids experience the real outdoors. Inside. On the couch. While watching an episode of Man vs. Wild.



Pet PeekPet Peek – $34.99

Is your pooch curious like a cat? Well, reward him (and weird out the neighbors) with the Pet Peek—the window for your dog. They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, and now your best friend can see for himself. He can also get a taste of what it's like on a cruise ship—sans the sunbathing, gambling, and gluttony, of course.



PackRight Cargo Saddlebag

PackRight Cargo Saddlebag – $139.95

Baby got back—it’s a fanny pack for your car! Because it rests on your car’s rear end, there is no aerodynamic drag. “Securely” strap it to your roof rack with plastic buckles and hit the road in (cough)… style. Not recommended for city driving, dog owners, or anyone trying to look cool.



Koga BergmonchKoga Bergmonch – $1,499.00

Hate biking uphill? Wouldn’t you just die for a bicycle that folds into a backpack? Well you’re in luck—this “downhill machine” is basically a foldable off-road scooter with straps. And since scooters are cool (as well as I can remember), you’re sure to look good. After all, what’s cuter than your daughter scooting down the sidewalk? Her father – scooting down a mountain.



API Doggie FountainAPI Doggie Fountain F1 – $69.99

Taking care of your dog is hard. I mean, they need water, food, and they go to the bathroom! Quit working so hard and buy the API Doggie Fountain instead. No longer will you need to worry about your dog having water; your independent pooch can press on the gadget’s pad and drink away. Bring the neighbors over to show them your pooch's new skill... and how lazy you are.