M to Mt. Baldy Trail

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 Mt. Baldy, Bridger Range, Bozeman

5 miles

Duration: 5.5 hours 

Difficulty: Hard

Elevation Gain: 4,300 feet 

Activities: Hiking, trail running, mountain biking

Crowds: Light traffic


Mt. Baldy has several approaches; this is the steepest trail with about 4,300 feet of elevation gain in five miles. From the M trailhead, hike up the M to the ridge. Stop and take a breather, then traverse up along the ridge on a reasonably flat portion until the trail starts climbing again through the trees to a rocky outcropping. Enjoy another leisurely stroll along the ridge until you come to the final ascent: a steep climb up a scree-covered slope. As expected, the views on top are incredible. 

Follow N. Rouse Ave. out of town toward Bridger Bowl (the road becomes Bridger Canyon Rd.). As you approach the gap between the Bridgers and the Story Hills, turn left into the signed parking lot on the left.

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