Custer-Gallatin National Forest

Lange, Ted
There’s no trail fairy creating new trails around Bozeman, but with partnerships, fund-raising, hard work, and patience, wishes can come true. Read more >>
pierre, Michael
Over the past several years, my friend Ted Border and I attempted to climb all of the named peaks in the Hyalite range. After our successful ascent of Fridley Peak in July of 2005, we felt like we had accomplished our goal. Read more >>
Cey, Brian
The list of adjectives streaming through my mind was certainly more George Carlin than Hallmark as I hugged bare dirt and scree in the fetal position and dime-sized hail wailed my noggin at 10,000 feet. Read more >>
Knight, Phil
Hyalite… the Wild Rockies… land of frozen falls, bristling buttes, U-shaped valleys of glacial grace. We are headed deep into the heart of it, in search of solid, vertical water—also known as ice. Read more >>
Melynda Harrison
In this economy, finding the money to take a vacation can be difficult. So we've found a couple of ways for you to have your cake and eat it too.Cheap Trip #1: Beaver Creek Cabin Read more >>
Orem, Tina
There's nothing like living on the edge of the Gallatin National Forest. The air smells good, it's quiet, the birds chirp, and oh yeah, the whole thing is a giant ATM. Yep, the Gallatin National Forest is churning out at least $252 million a year. Read more >>
Maffly, Brian
National forest travel planning has become a flashpoint in our society’s cultural rifts, with both sides claiming the moral high ground. Piston-powered visitors take to the streets, waving the flags of Liberty and Freedom. Read more >>
DeLeo, Victor
The United States Forest Service is currently deciding who can use the Gallatin National Forest, whether you travel with pedals, stirrups, or a clutch. Read more >>
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