Review: Power Practical Sparkr

Power Practical Sparkr Review

Review: Power Practical Sparkr

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Mike England

Despite the hegemony of modern headlamps, the handheld flashlight is still going strong, and its future seems bright as ever. There’s just something about it: the tactile fit in the hand, the mythic romance of wielding a torch in the darkness. And with the Sparkr by Power Practical, it’s a little of both, combined with the convenience of functionality and the coolness of technology.

This screwdriver-sized beauty packs a luminescent punch, with a three-setting flashlight on one end and a plasma lighter on the other. The lighter creates an electrical arc, so it’s windproof and requires no fuel beyond the rechargeable battery. Details tend to define a product, and in this regard, the Sparkr really lights up: a rotating head to protect the switches and charging port, a translucent lighter cover that screws into the top to create a lantern, and a three-click safety button to prevent unwanted activation of the lighter.

All in all, this is one badass little tool and while I won’t be giving up my headlamp anytime soon, it’s certainly lost some of its luster.


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