IGLOO Sportsman 40

Igloo Sportsman Cooler

IGLOO Sportsman 40

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England, Mike

We all grew up with Igloos, those ubiquitous red- or blue-and-white coolers of varying shapes and sizes—and now we can grow old with them, too. Though overshadowed in recent years by new, high-end brands, Igloo has rolled out its own “extended-life” models, and their Sportsman 40 shows that the company is every bit as competent in the premium market. Burly carry handles withstand the inevitable outdoor abuse, T-grip toggle latches keep a snug closure, and an oversized drain plug makes for fast and easy drainage. Two full inches of insulation keep your goods cool for up to a week; strap on a padlock and it’s bear- and pilfer-proof to boot. The best part? Igloo’s most notable attribute—affordable pricing—applies here, too: the Sportsman’s way cheaper than the competition. $220; igloosportsman.com

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