Outdoor Research Helium II

Outdoor Research Helium II Review

Outdoor Research Helium II

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Tucker, David

No matter what I’m doing, if I’m outside, I need a good storm jacket. Problem is, if there’s no rain in the forecast and room in my pack is at a premium, I usually end up forgoing a shell. Not anymore—the Helium II from Outdoor Research has solved that dilemma. It’s incredibly lightweight, which OR achieved by pairing the jacket down to the essentials—there’s one breast pocket, elastic cuffs with no Velcro, a good-sized hood, and that’s it. It even folds up into an attached pouch about the size of a deck of cards. Now it comes with me everywhere, whether I’m riding the Bangtail one last time before the first snows, or out on the river chucking streamers to big browns on the Madison. Available at Timber Trails. $160; outdoorresearch.com

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