Good Eats in Ennis

Good Eats in Ennis

Barnes, Alyssa
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As the warm summer months give way to the cool, crisp days of autumn, Madison River anglers begin their mass exodus from the town known for its millions of trout. The flat-bottom boats, float tubes, and lines at the Tackle Shop are soon replaced by four-wheel-drive pickups, a sea of camouflage, and long lines at the Shedhorn Sports gun counter. Just like that, summer becomes hunting season, and no town does a better job of celebrating this seasonal transition than Ennis.

This year, October 25 marks the 28th anniversary of the annual Ennis Hunters’ Feed, which is free to attendees and always held from 3pm to 5pm on the Friday prior to the opening of general deer and elk season. The event, organized by the Ennis Chamber, began as a way for participants to empty their freezers of the previous year’s meat, and is now attended by upwards of 500 people. “It has turned into a really big, well-attended event,” said Ennis Chamber Director Pamela Kimmey. “The rule is every dish must contain some type of wild-game meat. People really have a lot of fun with it.”

More than 40 entrants, including individuals and local businesses, are expected to compete for attendee votes this year along the sidewalks of Main Street in three separate categories: Best Chili, Best-Non Chili, and Most Unusual. The favorite of the three category winners will take home the trophy for Best Overall. Last year, Ennis Trading Post won Best Overall and Best Chili with their Antelope Chili Verde. Corral Creek Coffee Company was the Best Non-Chili winner with a Whitetail Carne Asada dish, and the Most Unusual category went to Yesterday’s Soda Fountain for Mountain Lion Biscuits and Gravy. Other Most Unusual category contenders from previous years have included Mountain Madness Elk Fudge (last year’s runner-up), Hawaiian Moose, and Fowl Enchiladas.

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