Wanted: Sales & Marketing Coordinator

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Do you live in Bozeman to spend all of your time working, or are you looking for a career that accommodates powder days? Not into the nine-to-five grind and need some flexibility in your work schedule? Want to surround yourself with people who work hard but still have their priorities straight (meaning, we screw off, often)?

Outside Bozeman Staff

Outside Media Group, publisher of Outside Bozeman magazine, has an immediate opening in the sales & marketing department. The ideal candidate will have the following experience, skills, and qualities:
• Outgoing personality
• Highly motivated
• Excellent communication skills
• Solid writing skills
• Detail-oriented
• Deadline-oriented
• Organized
• Computer savvy
• Marketing training and/or experience
• Competence with email marketing
• Knowledge of digital advertising and/or other media
• Ability to research and organize a presentation
• Ability to multitask
• Eagerness and ability to learn
• Desire for self-improvement
• Ability to handle rejection

In addition to all this, you’ll need to fit in with our team. If you have a good sense of humor, love the outdoors, appreciate health & fitness, and can take and dish out good-natured ribbings, you'll probably be okay. Did we mention ethics? They're vitally important. And our number-one ethic is producing quality work.

What You'll Be Doing
• Handling marketing efforts for Outside Media Group, including social media, event promotion, email marketing, sponsorship coordination, and data management
• Writing press releases and other collateral material
• Handling a variety of inside-sales projects
• Various and sundry other duties and tasks

What You'll Get Paid
• Flat rate for marketing, flat rate plus commission for sales
• Pay DOE
• Fringe bennies DOPL (Performance & Likability)

How Much You'll Work
• Hours DOSEAI (Speed, Efficiency, Ability & Inclination)
• Minimum 20 hours per week, maximum 40

How to Apply
If all this sounds appealing, and you think you can help us do quality, meaningful work, do the following:
• Submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected]
• Tell us what attracts you to this position
• Explain why you think we'll be a good match
• Tell us your favorite outdoor activity and why

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