Wanted: Assistant Editor / Staff Writer

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Are you a good writer and editor? Can you craft powerful prose: solid sentences, precise paragraphs, and engaging articles? Are you unapologetically attracted to alliteration and assonance? Do you dazzle friends and family with your wit and wordplay? Do you know what a serial comma is? How about a dangling modifier? Do you have a deep admiration for clarity, and an instinctive aversion to B.S.? Do you revile meaningless fluff, superfluous verbiage, and extraneous details? Do you know the difference between "extraneous" and "superfluous"?  

Good with computers and internet savvy? Familiar with MS Office and Acrobat? No stranger to tight timelines and multi-tasking? Got a thick skin and a good sense of humor? Work well under stress and within a team?

Are you into outdoor sports and recreation? Do you like wildlife, outdoor gear, and exploring the woods on a regular basis? Can you name every mountain range in southwest Montana, and every river running through it? Do you think John Colter was about the baddest motherf-er to ever roam the valleys and plains of Montana?

If you answered yes to all, or almost all, of these questions, we may have a job for you.

Outside Media Group needs an editor to help plan and execute the production of content, both in print and online, and in general just be an all-around awesome staff member who can get shit done on time, every time, no matter what it is.

English literature, writing, or marketing major preferred; but what we're really concerned with are skills, not a specific degree. The important thing is to be good at what you do.

Outside Bozeman MagazineThe job is available immediately. If interested, send a resume, three writing samples, your attitude toward the Chicago Manual of Style, and a short paragraph explaining why we'll be a good fit. If you're feeling ambitous, include an Excel spreadsheet listing your 10 favorite Outside Bozeman articles. Include article name, issue, and an explanatory sentence or two. [email protected].

Bonus points if you can find an error in the last issue.

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